$1,000,000 PER MONTH

$1,000,000 PER MONTH

Whatever It 
Takes To Scale!

 Ads Management

We’ll fire you from thinking and worrying about managing Facebook ads and scale your account for you.

 Creative Strategy

Our team of video editors will create 5-20 new video ads every week.

If your agency can’t create & test their own, you'll never scale.

 Perfect Offer Formula

We scale brands because we don’t just optimize ads.. We'll create new offers to ensure your brand scales.

However…We Can’t Work With Everyone

We scale because we take on very few clients. Each brand gets the uttermost focus as if your brand was one of our own.
Want to see if you're a fit?

From $300K To $1M Monthly In Just Six Months

The Problem:

This brand was stuck at 200k - 300k per month. The business owners were overloaded, they had a great product, but couldn't scale because they were doing everything in their business.

That's when we came in and we fired the business owners from thinking and worrying about marketing.
And month one, we scaled them to $488k in sales. 

Profit Margin: 

When we took over, we could scale as much as we wanted, we just HAD to keep a NET profit margin of 25% and that's what we did.

But this was only the beginning.

How we made them scale?

Before working with us, they only had 15 creatives. Once we took over, we used their existing raw content to create 320+ NEW ads to test and run.
This allowed us to reach numbers far beyond they thought was possible and we've been able to scale and keep their brand at $1M/mo.

Million Dollar Months 

By month 6 (picture on the far left), we scaled the brand to $1Million dollars a month.
And we've been able to consistently generate $1M/mo ever since.

From Five To Seven Figures In Three Months

The Problem:

Seido Knives had tried running Facebook ads, without much success. No matter what they did, Facebook NEVER worked.
All their revenue came from Google ads. 

Profit Margin:

Within the first month, we increased their sales by $47k while keeping the same profit margins.
While we started to work together during Black Friday,
we were able to increase their November sales by 299% (compared to last year)

Million Dollar Month 

By month 3 (picture to the right of this text), we scaled the brand to $1Million dollars a month.

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